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We’re fueled by a passion for horses and their well-being. It all started with a feeling. It was the feeling I got watching an event where horses worked their hearts out all day for their owners with uncomfortable and unsafe tack. I thought to myself, “Is it a lack of knowledge, or a lack of resources?” I realized it was both - buuut as we all know, every horse person knows more than any other horse person (ha) – so I kept my opinions to myself.
But this issue stuck with me for months – I couldn’t stop thinking about it. As a farrier for 11 years, I work with many mustangs – some just out of the corrals. And it always amazes me that these animals come to trust me so quickly and allow me to take intimidating metal tools to their feet. Again, I asked myself why these animals go against their instincts. Horses don’t care about that 25 cent blue ribbon, they don’t care about that gold buckle. They care about being comfortable, they care of about their next meal and that clump of green grass juuuuust out of reach. They do what they do, for us. So when people ask me why I wanted to start Phoenix Equine – its because of horses. I want to provide a resource for people to obtain the best products for the optimal well-being of their horses. Phoenix Equine will continue offering high-quality products at affordable prices so everyone can access products to keep their horses happy.

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